What’s on Your Slate/Plate for 2017

It’s a blank slate. What you achieve in 2017 is yet to be determined. We may have many worthwhile and admirable goals for the new year. But I propose that optimizing our health through nutrition and lifestyle is foundational to much of what we would like to accomplish in and through our lives.  So maybe we should look not only at what we put on the slate but what we put on the plate to help us achieve all of our goals.

Take physical fitness as an example. It’s a very common new year’s resolution to exercise for our health. But for some people, especially if over 45 we may encounter many obstacles to exercise. Our knees or other joints can be effected by excess weight. The blood pressure medicine we have to take makes us lethargic. The statin we are on for cholesterol makes our muscles feel weak or causes fatigue. We exercise to feel better but often we need to feel better before we can exercise!  Even younger people with none of these issues are fooling themselves if they think that a rigorous fitness routine will cancel out their dietary indiscretions.

Or maybe you want to improve your relationships in 2017. Improving our health with nutrition I also consider fundamental to this. If we don’t feel good it’s hard to work on our relationships. When we don’t feel good we lack the patience that healthy relationships require. Parenting, for instance is a hard job and is even harder when we don’t feel our best.

Even growing spiritually can be dependent on optimizing our health with healthy nutrition. If we do not have optimal health then it can be challenging to grow in our service to God and to others. God did not design our bodies to be fed junk and our physical and spiritual conditions are interconnected by God’s design.

Our career and professional goals can be at the top of the list. But having the stamina and brain power to accomplish our goals can be elusive if we are not feeling great. I’m personally dealing with this now in launching a new business. I’ve found that I need to be my healthiest self to stay on target. It’s a journey so I do not ever consider myself as having arrived.

I am simply passionate about this. Addressing our health challenges with diet changes and using a few targeted nutritional supplements may be the single most important thing we can do for ourselves to keep us healthy and off of medication as we age. But why do I find that many people are resistant? Because it’s hard. The road is not easy. Going to the doctor and being prescribed a pharmaceutical seems much easier. It’s covered by insurance so our pocketbooks are not bruised. And it’s so cut and dry. You have this so take this. We find it very appealing to be able to take a little pill for our ailments rather than give up foods that we are attached to.

But the easy road is seductive indeed. Using prescription drugs to address diseases of aging like diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and arthritis has the downside that the root cause of these issues is not being addressed and the drugs themselves can eventually have side effects that undo our health.

No I’m not suggesting stopping any medication that has been prescribed. I never advise that without consulting with a personal physician. But if you have been to the doctor and have been told that if X doesn’t happen then you will need to start taking a medication, wouldn’t you prefer to not take the medication? This is where nutrition and diet changes can have a dramatic effect. Did you hear that? You may not have to take medication if you make permanent nutrition and lifestyle changes! If you are already on medication then you may be able to come off by working with your doctor and working on your diet.

Also, change does not usually happen with a 6 week diet. While it may be a useful approach for jumpstarting your efforts, without followup and persistent practice the changes that occurred from the diet slip away. The blood sugar, blood pressure and blood cholesterol numbers start to rise again and the weight creeps back up.

I’ve emphasized above conditions like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and arthritis. Other bothersome health conditions that can be addressed nutritionally include:

  • insomnia
  • brain fog/memory and concentration problems
  • digestive issues
  • low thyroid function
  • autoimmune problems

Changing your diet is a journey that requires setting small, achievable goals in order to stay on track and implement permanent change. If you work with me I can help you set appropriate and individualized goals, providing you with education and feedback as you go. Or maybe a grocery store tour would be just what you need to get motivated. One 90 minute walk through the grocery store with me and I can arm you with powerful knowledge for change. (Contact me http://verynutritionallyyours.com/contact/for discount pricing on a limited number of tours in January and February). At the very least hop on over to my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/gaygrice) and hit “like”. There I strive to provide useful tips and information all year long.

So what will you be writing on your 2017 slate? What will you be putting on your plate? Why not make it the year to achieve your very best health so that you may accomplish all that you desire? I know you can do it! I wish you the very best in 2017!

Very Nutritionally Yours,

Gay Grice


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      Thank you Kathy! For now I will always link my new posts on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/gaygrice Just be sure to like and follow my page so you will see it in your newsfeed. Eventually I guess I will figure out how to use WordPress to allow people to sign up to be notified by email when new posts are up. Work in progress! Happy New Year!

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