iHerb – This is a source of  literally thousands of supplements and health products and the prices are fantastic.  Using this link to order any supplements that I recommend provides $5.00 off of your first purchase when you enter my referral code RUN599.

Pruvitnow Keto – Pruvit is a source for exogenous ketone supplements.

Plan to Eat – Plant to Eat  goes beyond Pinterest.  Have you ever lost a favorite recipe from Pinterest because when you went to find it the link was broken?  You can download recipes into your account directly from the web.  From there you can categorize them and plan shopping lists and meal calendars.  I have many of my personal recipes that I use frequently on this site.  If you buy a membership then you can link with me or any other members who have recipe lists that interest you.

Meal Garden – Meal Garden is a recipe and meal planning website.  Part of your membership is access to a whole database of recipes or you can create our own cookbook.

Sunwarrior – Sunwarrior Protein is a vegan protein powder that I often recommend to my clients.

JJ Virgin Store – JJ Virgin is a prominent nutritionist who has identified 7 common food sensitivities that prevent successful weight loss.  She's  written the NY Times best selling books, “The Virgin Diet” and “The Virgin Diet Cookbook.  Her online store sells high quality shakes and bars that are free of the 7 problematic foods.  Her latest book is “Miracle Mindset”.