al-brainIt’s becoming standard knowledge that aluminum is neurotoxic and probably implicated as at least one factor contributing to alzheimer’s. We take in aluminum from many sources but some of the most common are from cookware, storing and cooking food in aluminum foil, cosmetics and body care products, and from medications and vaccines. Aluminum is a heavy metal and once ingested it will deposit and accumulate in the body. It’s not a simple fix to get rid of it. But there is evidence that a trace mineral called SILICA can be helpful in ridding our bodies of aluminum. See this 2007 research review article from the Journal of Nutritional Health and Aging which calls silica a “natural antidote” to aluminum:
So how can you get silica? One simple solution is if you drink bottled water consider finding one that has a high silica content.…/
I personally like and use Fiji brand. This article also explains how much and how often to drink your high silica content water to detox from aluminum.