In addition to nutrition counseling and coaching I offer grocery store tours. We are always told to “shop the perimeter” but what does that mean? This is a fun and educational way to jumpstart your way to shopping for, preparing and eating healthier food. In one entertaining 90 minute tour you will be provided with information on:

  • GMO’s – what are they and what’s the big deal?
  • How important is it to buy organic and is there any non organic produce that is safe?
  • What’s the difference between farm raised, wild caught, pasture raised, grass fed, cage free (and the list goes on)?
  • Which cooking oil out of the gazillion on the shelf should you buy?
  • How to read a food nutrition label and are those ingredients I can’t pronounce safe to eat or not?
  • Oh and that sweetener aisle….we will definitely cover that!

In addition to all of this and much much more, I’ll always point out my personal favorite products and provide tips for easy, quick meals. In addition these tours can always be customized to individual needs such as gluten free, diabetes, etc.

These tours can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for me and for you. I will do them at the choice of any of the following grocery stores which are local to me:

HEB – Indian Springs location and Market street location
Whole Foods – Hughes Landing location
Kroger – Indian Springs or Alden Bridge location

The price of a 90 minute tour is $110 per person. I will do them for groups of up to 3 people with the price for each additional person being $20 per person.

Click here to schedule your Grocery Tour now or contact me with any questions.