Hello and welcome!

My name is Gay Grice and I serve people who are struggling to wade through all of the nutrition and wellness information and misinformation out there, trying to stay healthy as they age or deal with a health issue that doctors just can’t seem to fix.


Maybe they are tired of losing the same 25 pounds over and over again and want real lifestyle change. Maybe they want to be off of prescription meds and really believe they could be if they just knew how.

I help people make permanent diet and lifestyle changes so they may be their healthiest self.

I’ve had a passion for wellness and nutrition even as a teenager. I obtained a degree in clinical dietetics and began working at a hospital as a registered dietitian in the late 1980’s. But hospitals are for sick people and there is very little place there for nutrition and wellness education.

I always lived for those rare moments when I could connect with a patient and feel like I had helped them make a change that could impact their health for the longterm. But there have been twists and turns in my journey. My passion for nutrition remained and I tugged it along with me while I have taken some other paths.

Primarily I’ve taken time to raise 3 beautiful children. Then I experienced the post traumatic stress of a family tragedy that was followed a few years later with becoming responsible for planning the care of my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. These stresses triggered my own health challenges and spurred me to immerse myself anew into the fascinating field of nutrition and wellness.

The field is burgeoning with new information since I first started a few decades ago. What we knew and taught then is definitely not what we know and teach now. And I was hooked all over again.

So pursuing my passion I obtained certification as a Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC).


And now having spent a lifetime studying and staying abreast of the science of nutrition, having obtained additional skills in transformational coaching methods and having been on my own health journey I feel I am uniquely qualified to help you reach for your health goals and improve your health.

Transformational change can take place when the whole person – body, mind and spirit are taken into consideration.

When I am not studying, coaching a client towards their best health or searching the mind blowing number of healthy recipes on the web to find the very best ones that I and my clients will love and testing them out on my own family, I am spending time with my husband Chris and my 18 year old daughter Chloe and the furry members of our family as well. When we can make it happen we love to be with all of our other adult children and their children.

I  love bible study and I am in love with Jesus Christ.  I can spend hours watching HGTV , I enjoy true crime shows and I love the beach.

If you can find any logical association between those pastimes please let me know! I’ve been wondering myself. 😉

I am passionate about health and nutrition and enjoy sharing knowledge. I look forward to working with you to help you reach your health goals.

When you are ready to get started contact me (here) to send me a message or setup an appointment!